[Luxus Magazine] The Bal du Siècle, an iconic evening at the Château de Versailles

Join us on 11 December at the Château de Versailles for the first edition of the Bal du Siècle. It’s a journey back in time, from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th, where participants in costume or evening wear can dance the night away in the Galerie des Batailles and enjoy a number of activities.


It was sure to be a memorable evening. On 30 June 1923, the Château de Versailles organised the Fête Merveilleuse, an exceptional night to celebrate the completion of its restoration. 100 years after this event, the historic building is doing it again. The grand ball, scheduled to last three hours, will take place on 11 December in the Galerie des Batailles. The atmosphere of the evening will focus on the period between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, from the Vienna waltzes to the Roaring Twenties.


The Bal du Siècle from Offenbach to Mistinguett


The aim of the evening is clear: to leave a lasting impression. Guests will first be invited to the Galerie des Glaces where, after passing through the Grands Appartements du Roi, dancers from the Ballet Malandain will give a dance performance. On the way to the Queen’s Apartments, actors will offer participants a number of activities, including tarot divination, card games and a lesson in posture. Then it will be the turn of the Royal Opera Orchestra to present a musical programme in one of the sumptuous rooms of the Château.


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Photo on the front page: © Jean-Philippe Delberghe – Unsplash

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