[Luxus Magazine] Tribute to Robert Badinter: the man who abolished the death penalty

The father of the abolition of the death penalty, Robert Badinter, died on February 9, 2024. A national tribute was organized on Wednesday February 14 at Place Vendôme, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron.


At Place Vendôme on Wednesday February 14, Emmanuel Macron spoke at a national tribute to Robert Badinter, who died on February 9, 2024. The former Keeper of the Seals under Mitterrand made the abolition of the death penalty his battle horse, winning his cause in 1981.



The tribute ceremony began at noon with the coffin entering Place Vendôme from the Ministry of Justice. A short film retracing the life of Robert Badinter was shown, accompanied by Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. After the eulogy delivered by the President of the Republic, the remains of the humanist lawyer left at 12.45pm.


Who was Robert Badinter?

Robert Badinter died in Paris, the city where he was born 95 years ago. Law professor, activist, lawyer, minister, President of the Constitutional Council, senator and essayist, he defended a humanist vision of justice throughout his life. Born into a Jewish family who had emigrated from Russia (now Moldavia), Robert Badinter and his mother managed to escape the Gestapo in the 40s, while his father was forced to flee.


Passionate about justice, he joined the Paris Bar in 1951. With Henry Torrès, his mentor, he shared an uncompromising conception of his profession. “You are a lawyer”, Torrès asserted, when “You defend a man who has killed or stolen, because he is a man first”.


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Featured photo : Robert Badinter at the National Assembly on September 17, 1981 © Yan Morvan

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