[Luxus+ Magazine] FINE ARTS PARIS & LA BIENNALE : a tribute to the exceptional in Jewellry

From 9 to 13 November 2022, FINE ARTS PARIS & LA BIENNALE brought together 86 exhibitors at the Carrousel du Louvre. This unique artistic meeting in Paris combines the FINE ARTS Fair, which has existed for 5 years, and La BIENNALE, born in 1956. Three contemporary jewellers, Walid Akkad, Feng J and Frédérique Matteï exhibited their creations. And this among gallery owners, antique dealers and other art dealers specializing in jewellery, Bernard Bouisset, Orpheo Genève, Martin du Daffoy and Larengregor, who offered old and vintage pieces.


When shapes cut through the light


With his sculptural jewellery with soft shapes that seem to wind endlessly, Walid Akkad unveils an original bestiary of 21 red gold rings. Placed vertically on their ring with a flat back, the rings evoke an animal (crocodile, rabbit, owl, horse, hedgehog…). But once worn, they are no more than an abstraction. “My rings have a double reading,” says Walid Akkad. The work on the metal – a semi-bright sandblasting which is his own and which he carries out with “DIY” tools – is expressed in all his jewellery. The sensual forms are unleashed to infinity in this bestiary of the plastic jeweller as in his other collections. The Volutes creations are a continuous line of gold drawn as if the hand had not lifted the pencil. Walid Akkad also likes to throw a little chaos into this harmony. Thus, on the Spire necklace, the links all have the same shape but they are linked in such a way as to create an asymmetrical effect. As for the Eight ring, set with an extraordinary blue-green tourmaline, it forms the figure whose line never ends.  The Eight ring, set with an extraordinary garnet, forms the number whose line never ends. Endless fluidity.


© Walid Akkad



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Featured photo : © Feng J

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Isabelle Hossenlopp
Isabelle Hossenlopp is a journalist specialized in jewelry. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, she has over 30 years of experience in the luxury industry, including 11 years at Chanel. She is also a consultant in editorial content and storytelling and teaches in luxury MBAs in management and communication schools.

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