[Luxus Magazine] 5 top trends for 2024 according to Pinterest Predicts

The social photo-sharing platform Pinterest has unveiled the trends that are set to dominate in 2024. We take a look at five trends that will be part of our daily lives over the coming months, ranging from fashion and home decoration to music.


By studying the most popular trends on its platform, Pinterest has provided a global vision of consumer expectations in 2024. These trends, linked to certain societal and aesthetic movements, are popular with the general public and advertisers alike.




Gone are the days of rap, electro and pop. In 2024, GenZ and Millenials will be particularly attracted to jazz. Elegant with a vintage feel, this trend is reflected in clothing and ideas for going out. Searches for the term “aesthetic jazz outfit” have increased by 180%, “jazz piano” by 105% and “jazz club outfit” by 65%.


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The suit is the essential ally of this movement, with a dandy side that you can claim without hesitation. Retro lamps, vinyl record holders and velvet furniture with rounded lines are also worth mentioning. It’s enough to recreate the hushed atmosphere of a jazz club, with its dark green and red colours and mahogany wood, to the rhythm of a saxophone.




After cowboycore and barbiecore, it’s time for the jellyfish aesthetic. “Jellyfish haircut”, characterised by a two-stage gradient, increased its popularity by 615%. “Jellyfish umbrella”, “Jellyfish lamp” and “Jellyfish hat” saw respective increases in searches of 195%, 95% and 220%.


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Pauline Duvieu
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