[Luxus+ Magazine] Fine Arts Paris and the Biennale: Louis de Bayser deciphers this first edition

Louis de Bayser is a drawing specialist. He is also president of the Salon du Dessin and of Fine Arts Paris, which is associated with the Biennale: a unique first edition for Fine Arts Paris & the Biennale, bringing together ancient and modern art, within the walls of the Carrousel du Louvre from November 9 to 13.


What does this merger between Fine Arts Paris and the Biennale represent ?


Fine Arts Paris is a young fair that has existed for a few years. This year it joins forces with the Biennale, which has been present on the art market for a long time. There are a lot of expectations for this new fair, which welcomes 86 exhibitors in all. That’s 30 more than last year. We also hope to expand by moving Fine Arts Paris & the Biennale to the ephemeral Grand Palais in 2023 and to the Grand Palais in 2024. We plan to host 110 stands, 25 more than this year. The goal is to select quality dealers and objects.


What are the major novelties of this edition ?


To begin with, at the Fine Arts Paris Salon, we exhibited little primitive art, in contrast to the Biennale, which already had several exhibitors in its address book. With the merger of these two fairs, Fine Arts Paris now has an additional field. We are also organizing a symposium on what we call period rooms. It will explain to the public on November 10, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs what these pieces are, which reconstitute the style of an era in minute detail. We try to make sure that there are activities to motivate amateurs to come and meet us.


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