[Luxus+ Magazine] A Short History of Luxury: How Schiaparelli’s friendship with Dalí led to iconic collaborations and designs

Born in 1890 in the Italian capital, Elsa Schiaparelli became a legendary, avant-garde fashion designer over the years, famous for her eccentricity and deliberately provocative nature. Her creations also bore the surrealist touch of the artists who inspired Schiaparelli, including the well-known Salvador Dalí. A look back at the history of an emblematic collaboration.


103 years earlier, in 1919, Elsa Schiaparelli arrived in Paris, a year in which she had not yet realized her talent for fashion. However, her interest in art began to manifest itself when she befriended Dadaist artists, who refused to accept conventions and questioned the norms of art, literature and other intellectuals.


Elsa Schiaparelli. © Schiaparelli


However, it was not until 1927 that the Italian designer made her first step into fashion. This last one was largely different from the other designers of the time since she will be known for being one of the first to have integrated art in her creations. Her first collection is embodied by this desire, consisting of sweaters decorated with large bows in “trompe l’oeil”.


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Featured photo : © Schiaparelli


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