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Why Grasse remains the cradle of luxury perfumery

Why Grasse remains the cradle of luxury perfumery

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Grasse, the world capital of perfumes and kingdom of the greatest fragrances, represents a significant opportunity for luxury houses, in their production but also in their reputation, and they have understood this. Focus on the city with know-how officially listed as a World Heritage Site.


A heritage that has earned it the status of world capital of perfumes.


Because of the exceptional culture of its plants and its incredible resources in terms of raw materials, Grasse has become over time the place par excellence for the production of perfume.


Between the international raw materials companies, the nose training center,  the International Perfumery Museum, the Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard factories, the city represents the cradle of perfumery. Its heritage reflects the worldwide history of the sector and exceptional know-how.


This know-how is then married to the rare flowers of the country of Grasse such as lavender, myrtle, rose, orange blossom, mimosa and especially jasmine which confers on the city the status of a place of treasure. A marriage allowing a transformation of these rare and very claimed raw materials.


These treasures linked to the resources of the city located on the French Riviera have monopolized the biggest luxury houses. Among them : Rochas, Dior, or Chanel whose perfumes were created there.


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