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Where does the success of luxury brands come from on TikTok ?

Where does the success of luxury brands come from on TikTok ?

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After launching its TikTok channel last September, French fashion house Louis Vuitton has already surpassed one million subscribers. How do luxury brands achieve such high visibility on TikTok ?

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On the Chinese social network TikTok, luxury brands are experiencing tremendous success. Gucci and Dior crossed the symbolic million subscribers mark in 2020, a community acquired through a constant flow of content posted on their channels. For each publication, the brands get millions of views and reactions from Internet users.


Let’s take Louis Vuitton as an example. The French house, which belongs to the luxury giant LVMH, has received at least one million views on its last fifteen publications. On July 6, Louis Vuitton‘s TikTok account published a video with the k-pop group BTS, which shook the network and generated more than 15 million views.



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