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What new business models for fashion ?

What new business models for fashion ?

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New actors, new priorities, new strategies, fashion is constantly changing, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis. In order to respond to these paradigm shifts and to examine the dynamics behind the sector’s metamorphosis, the Fashion Federations and the DEFI La Mode de France have just published a study on the “New Business Models of Fashion”. We share with you some of the main issues at stake.


CSR, a key element in fashion business models


Out of the 40 French and foreign companies surveyed for the study, 100% of them consider CSR to be a strategic priority and a key element of their longevity,” regardless of their size, maturity and corporate model” says Céline Choain, senior partner at Kea & Partners.


Social and Environmental Responsibility, “the deliberate integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business activities and their relations with stakeholders“, (European Commission Green Paper, 2001) is therefore today at the heart of fashion business models, driven by brands, consumers and the legislative system.


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