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World Restaurant Award: the new competition that highlights world cuisine

World Restaurant Award: the new competition that highlights world cuisine

The World Restaurant Awards will take place in Paris in February 2019. This first edition will mark the beginning of this competition, dedicated to international cuisine.

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The World Restaurant Awards were created by IMG (a leader in events, media, fashion and sports, present in more than 30 countries) in partnership with Joe Warwick and Andrea Petrini to celebrate restaurants as well as culture, as well as film, art and music. This means relevant/progressive categories judged with solid integrity by a group of experts to better reflect the true range and diversity of the international restaurant scene: from innovative gourmet restaurants to humble and accessible establishments, from major culinary capitals to more remote destinations.

The launch edition will take place on February 18, 2019 in Paris, the restaurant’s cradle in the Western world, and will be packaged for the general consumption of a public eager to eat, increasingly obsessed with food, drink and travel.

The World Restaurant Awards will be the annual event to celebrate the diversity of the international restaurant scene, organized by the team that organizes the Taste Festivals in 20 cities around the world, as well as The Big Feastival and Margaret River Gourmet Escape.

The World Restaurant Awards will be a truly international collaboration. With a jury composed of leading figures from the catering industry, including Yannick Alléno, Dominique Crenn, Hélène Darroze, and an international selection of the most prominent members of the world’s culinary press. Each member of the jury, composed of 100 people, was carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge of catering and well stamped passports, in order to provide a rich insight into the international catering scene.

The jury met in May in Paris for a collaborative workshop to define the objectives of the prizes and announce that the first edition will take place in the French capital on 18 February 2019.

He is also committed to the Perennial Farming Initiative, the charity chosen for the World Restaurant Awards, which focuses on combating climate change by mobilizing support for sustainable agriculture.



Date: February, 18th, 2019

Place: Paris

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