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The RealReal launches new clothing recycling programme

The RealReal launches new clothing recycling programme

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Leading luxury goods retailer, The RealReal is getting into the recycling business with Recollection, a new programme involving collaborations with a number of luxury designers, with the aim of offering collections created from waste.


The RealReal continues its goal of introducing luxury brands to sustainability after helping them see the business opportunity of resale, including Chanel and Gucci. From now on, damaged or broken garments will no longer be lost and can be transformed into new luxury pieces. 



The ReCollection programme imposes a few sustainable criteria in order to respect the spirit of sustainability in which it is rooted: the pieces must not be made from virgin fabrics, they must not produce waste, and the labour must be fairly paid and from the United States. To achieve this, The RealReal collaborates with Atelier & Repairs, a recycling and repair shop based in Los Angeles.



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Featured photo: © The RealReal

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