The 10 largest IPOs on the Paris Stock Exchange

A look back at the ten largest IPOs on the Paris Stock Exchange over the last ten years, based on Euronext data.


On June 18, the IPO of Aramis took place, the largest IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange since the Française des Jeux (FDJ) in 2019. Aramis, a subsidiary of the automotive group Stellantis, started its first day of trading with a 2% loss.


The Aramis group, whose capitalization is close to 1.9 billion euros, has managed to raise 250 million euros, while the founders and shareholders of the group have sold 138 million euros.


On June 10, the French group Believe, which specializes in music labels and artist support, also went public. For its IPO, the group raised 300 million euros from investors.


Based on data provided by Euronext, we look back at the ten most important IPOs on the Paris Stock Exchange over the last ten years :


10. Euronext, with €844.98 million



Euronext is the leading stock exchange in the Eurozone, and was introduced on June 19, 2014. Its current market capitalization is €9.99 billion, according to June 23 figures, while it was €1.40 billion when it was introduced.




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The editorial team
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