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[CITE DU LUXE SPECIAL BRIEF] The cosmetics sector boosts commitment to customer relationship (4/4)

[CITE DU LUXE SPECIAL BRIEF] The cosmetics sector boosts commitment to customer relationship (4/4)

The Cité du Luxe 2020 event will be held on March 13 at the EIML (International School of Luxury Marketing), in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. A real place of exchange, dialogue and debate between generations whose objective is to enrich themselves in contact with professionals and experts in the luxury sector, this day of conferences returns for a 9th edition around the commitment of companies luxury. Luxus Plus, media partner of the event, exclusively reveals the surveys carried out by 5th year students in the Masters cycle of EIML Paris as part of their exchanges with luxury professionals during the preparation of the event.


By Alison Morais-Bragada, Ludivine Roeder, Océane Sandras (students in the 5th year of specialised Masters B at EIML Paris), under the supervision of Claire Domergue, Publication director of Luxus Plus



“The best advertisement is a satisfied customer” said Bill Gates. With a quote like this, commitment to the customer experience makes perfect sense. But how, in an ultra-competitive market, do luxury cosmetics companies offer unique experiences ?


Overview of the luxury cosmetics sector, which stands out particularly in the field, in particular Lancôme, market leader in luxury cosmetics.


Back to the very meaning of the concept of commitment


The luxury sector is synonymous with excellence and is associated with the exceptional and the inaccessible. It is therefore essential that the sales cycle and the quality of service as a whole are impeccable.


However, these different exceptional criteria are no longer sufficient today because, according to a 2016 study by Epsilon and the luxury Institute, “brands lose half of their customers each year”.


Even if VIP customers and frequent customers are offered additional services such as serving a coffee or a glass of champagne, this no longer seems to be enough.


The customer’s expectations are growing and that is why luxury houses need to offer unique experiences in their points of sale, whether physical or digital.


Indeed, according to a study by the international digital communication agency DISKO, “68% of consumers want to have an integrated and omnichannel customer experience”.


Customer experience : the case of pop-up stores


The moment spent by the customer in the physical points of sale must today be memorable: in order to satisfy him first, then to gain his loyalty in the long term.


In the cosmetics sector, it is therefore more and more frequent to see the emergence of pop-up stores, centered on the consumer and in particular on their entertainment.


This is why retailtainment (contraction between retail and entertainment) and also digital experiences have multiplied in this sector in order to always surprise.


Each brand has its own approach, such as Estée Lauder, which has put its customers at the service with its #LipsToEnvy pop-up stores where the brand offered the total customization of a lipstick and its color.


Thanks to an interface, a sales advisor and the use of augmented reality, the customer could indeed choose everything to make his experience breathtaking and unique.


In another way, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty won over customers in Dubai with its pop-up store which, for its part, surprised by the concept of gamification in addition to the instagrammable effect. In detail, multiple original games were made available to win a large number of products.


One of the last marketing operations that stands out in particular is that of Clarins. The brand decided to open a “laboratory” pop-up offering a multitude of experiences through an immersive journey.


This is to test them with their customers and select the best ones for their future experience-based store. Because if today, we can have exceptional experiences in a pop-up store, would their success not allow them to be installed in stores in the long run ?


Maison Lancôme: commitment to customer service domiciled at 52 Champs-Elysées


Lancôme, the world’s leading luxury beauty brand, opened its doors for the first time on the most beautiful avenue in the world on December 4, 2019.


For the brand, it’s about offering its consumers a new immersive and joyful experience.


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On the two floors, visitors are immersed in the heart of the spirit and values dear to Lancôme, specific to its DNA : happiness, generosity, femininity, assertiveness and confidence.


From the entrance, the Joy Of Now space offers an ephemeral pop-up redecorated five times a year through an immersive experience both physical and digital by the presence of a giant tactile wall where rose petals appear when touched.


This digital wall also serves as a photocall with a photobooth available allowing each visitor to leave with their photo as a souvenir.


A “Beauty Retail Lab” is also present, where you can discover unique collections and limited editions, participate in masterclasses led by beauty professionals and leave with souvenirs.


Lancôme is pushing “beauty technology” to the maximum through innovations such as Le Teint Particulier, allowing you to create your personalized foundation, The Shade Finder, to find the right shade or even Youth Finder, offering a skin diagnosis. deepened to deliver a personalized skincare routine based on the needs detected.


Finally, Lancôme ends this experience by offering happiness as a gift in a dedicated room. As a sign of generosity, a special counter offers visitors the packaging and personalization of their perfumed gifts thanks to the UV printer, allowing them to print any illustration or message on the chosen product.


It is also possible to have a message engraved on the bottle of a product. Then, we can let ourselves be charmed by the Rose Robots who give a paper rose scented with the perfume of your choice. A truly memorable experience, for an unforgettable memory. “You made Lancôme what it is. It’s up to us today to make you happy,” says the brand.


Through the example of the house of Lancôme, we can conclude from the importance of the commitment of cosmetic brands in the field of customer experience, whether this is achieved in store or in a simple pop up. It should also be noted that the very desire of consumers to have a unique experience has been put at the heart of the development of services within the shops.


Wouldn’t the luxury cosmetics market turn out to be a good example to follow for other luxury sectors, such as hotels or gastronomy? Case to follow …


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Featured photo : © Lancôme

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