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Saudi Arabia: Destination AlUla is about to welcome two new eco-friendly luxury refuges














Saudi Arabia: Destination AlUla is about to welcome two new eco-friendly luxury refuges

The AlUla destination, nestled in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, is expanding its hotel offer and will welcome two new upscale addresses in 2021. While the Accor group is expanding the existing Ashar Resort under the Banyan Tree brand, the 3D-printed hotel concept, Habitas, is developing a new luxury complex of 100 villas.


With the reopening of its main heritage sites in October 2020 allowing the discovery of 200,000 years of history and culture at the crossroads of the region’s ancient civilizations, AlUla is now establishing itself as a must-see immersive heritage destination.


These announcements underline the investment potential of AlUla at a time when Saudi Arabia is pursuing its economic diversification within the framework of its Vision 2030 program, which aims to welcome 2 million visitors per year by 2035.


Ashar Resort by Banyan Tree, luxury at its peak


Banyan Tree Resort in Al Ula © Press


After adding 47 new high-end villas to the existing 35, the Ashar Resort by Banyan Tree will feature a superb spa and several gourmet restaurants. All this in a chic and harmonious design allowing each villa to discreetly integrate into the natural landscape of the Ashar Valley, located 15 km from Hegra, the first site in the Kingdom to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ashar is also home to Maraya, a multi-purpose exhibition, conference and entertainment hall, the largest mirror structure in the world.


Habitas AlUla, an eco-friendly address printed in 3D


The Habitas hotel chain has begun construction of a 100-key luxury complex in the desert canyons of the Ashar Valley. The experiential establishment will consciously blend into its desert environment, offering visitors historical and cultural experiences in the heart of the destination’s heritage.


This project also includes a number of initiatives including support for local communities with free education and training for locals, as well as showcasing local artists and businesses“, the hotel group explains in a release.


50 rooms will be completed by December 2020 and all will be effective by June 2021.


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The Royal Commission for AlUla’s (RCU) sustainable development strategy aims to position AlUla as an upscale destination while safeguarding the natural landscape and placing the local population at the center of AlUla’s development.


Phillip Jones, Chief Destination Management and Marketing Officer at RCU, said: “Banyan Tree from the Accor Group and Habitas are brands in line with our philosophy of luxury tourism. AlUla is a special region and we will continue to work with our partners to deliver exceptional experiences and to develop the destination responsibly and safely as we open up to international tourism.”


The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) announced a partnership with Accor as part of its strategy to develop AlUla as a tourist destination.





Featured photo:  © Press

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