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Ralph Laurens sharpens its strategy for an eco-friendly fashion

Ralph Laurens sharpens its strategy for an eco-friendly fashion

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Ralph Lauren Corporation has just published its “Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report” concerning its social and sustainable development commitments for the year 2020. The American brand has announced new science-based greenhouse gas reduction objectives, as well as an exclusive collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. The company is thus taking a new ecological turn and is stepping up its communication around its CSR policy “Design the Change” to increase awareness on its responsible values.


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A renewal of its social and environmental commitments


In its new annual Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report for fiscal year 2020, Ralph Laurens announced that it is intensifying its CSR efforts, in line with its “Design the Change” project launched in 2019 to create a positive impact on society and a more sustainable future.



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Featured photo : © Ralph Lauren

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