Luxus Plus is an economic information system about luxury, art and art of living.

Claire Domergue, a communication specialist in these sectors, works closely with economic experts to manage the first media dedicated to « Luxury lifestyle ». Our objective is to inform our readers on the experiences, visions and savoir-faire of the professionals of this industry.

Luxus Plus is a multi-sector information system which became a reference for companies in luxury and art industry. We endeavour, thanks to our competitive intelligence and our knowledge, to give the best informations about the major economic developments in high jewellery, jewellery, cosmetics, perfums, fashion, hotel industry, tourism, luxury real estate…

Our day to day articles and our selection of specialized books, studies, interviews contribute to sensitize our readers to the evolution of these industries. Through the numeric library, Luxus Plus tries to value talents to the eyes of experts, luxury lovers and curious minds.



Because we think that the development and the durability of a company comes from its capacity to adapt and innovate in a socio-economic and cultural context, we value every talents that contributes to this success.

Managers, directors of business unit, communication managers, artistic directors, sales managers… receive a global and human vision of the economy. We defend an ethics in luxury through our publications and our annual event with the association « Luxe partenaires ».