Portrait: Thierry Boutemy, an artisan florist with passionate bouquets

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Residing in Brussels, Thierry Boutemy is one of the most sought-after florists in the world. Between film shoots, music videos, campaigns, and fashion shows, his sumptuous bouquets bloom without limit. Let’s take a look at the portrait of a passionate florist-craftsman.


Thierry Boutemy is originally from Avranches, in Saint-Michel Bay, Normandy. It is the place where the craftsmanflorist cultivated his passion for horticulture, which he has studied since he was 17. His bouquets, in high demand, have already seduced Lady Gaga, Sofia Coppola, and even Hermès. Indeed, by watching the film Marie-Antoinette by director Sofia Coppola, it is possible to perceive Thierry’s creations.


The artisanflorist has worked with several big names in fashion, such as Hermès, Lanvin, or Dries Van Hoten, although he claims to be “not at all interested in fashion“. In 2012, Thierry Boutemy also collaborated with the great photographer Mario Testino around a Vogue cover with Lady Gaga.



The floral arrangements of the film Marie-Antoinette from director Sofia Coppola are realized by Thierry Boutemy.



When I started my store, I was losing a lot of money, because as I used to pick flowers in nature and give them away – for me it’s a gift from nature – I had a hard time putting a price on it. And it’s always very complicated, I get help for that, because for me it’s very difficult to sell flowers, it’s almost a pain”, he explains.


He works with imported flowers, because “Belgium does not produce anything in winter“. His flowers come from Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands, known to be one of the biggest flower markets, and for that, Thierry chooses small producers. “This market is a disaster. It is a war machine which produces on a large scale as one produces chickens in the battery. We are full of mercantilism“, criticizes the craftsman-florist.


The craftsman-florist Thierry Boutemy in his workshop.


From his store, located in the district of Uccle in Brussels, Thierry Boutemy shapes his bouquets with passion since 25 years. Today, Thierry is working on a film project with an Italian filmmaker. Although the pandemic has greatly impacted his sales volume, it has also allowed him to be closer to his plants.


It took me back 25 years, to do things more simply, being used to working for events, larger things. But in the end, it brought me a lot of happiness. The fact of bringing a simple pleasure with these flowers“, says Thierry Boutemy.




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