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Phygital : Sergio Rossi unveils new pop-up store in Milan

Phygital : Sergio Rossi unveils new pop-up store in Milan

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The Italian luxury brand has just inaugurated a new self-service pop-up store on the famous Via Montenapoleone in Milan. At a time when most companies are reducing their presence in the retail market, Sergio Rossi is making a daring gamble with the opening of a new kind of pop-up store during this unprecedented period of crisis.


The walls of the store are entirely made up of shoe boxes serving as both displays and shelves. The other eye-catching feature is a 3.5-metre tube connecting the store to the warehouse above, allowing shoes to be delivered directly to customers.


Due to the covid19 epidemic and to ensure the safety of visitors, access to the pop-up will be by appointment only. Slots can be reserved by phone, email, or Whatsapp.

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Featured photo : © Sergio Rossi

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