Paris: How digital haute couture fashion week benefits from new visibility (1/2)

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According to a recent study by DMR group, a specialist in media planning strategy, the combined value of the media exposure generated in London, Paris and Milan by the Paris Digital Fashion Week amounts to 19.5 million euros.


The first edition of the Paris Fashion Week haute couture digitale took place from 6 to 8 July this year. Due to the security measures of Covid-19, the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion invited the credited brands to produce a creative film or video to present their creations.


The content was shared on an online platform, accessible not only to professionals, but also to everyone.


By following keywords and official hashtags, such as #PFW for example, from 5 to 9 July in the media, the first 100% digital couture week recorded a media exposure or Earned Media Value (EMV) of nearly 19.5 million euros across all media, according to DMR group.


This value comes mainly from social media such as Instagram or Facebook, which alone account for 93% of the total value of media exposure.


The Web and print for their part generated 4% and 3% respectively of this VMA.


For print, a panel of 50 national newspapers in 16 countries reveals that Italy provided the greatest media coverage of the event with an average of 1.87 editorial pages.


The United Kingdom came second with 1.67 pages and Spain third with an average of 0.88.


For the Web, with a panel of 100K sites and 25K social network profiles analysed, the United States ranked first with 34 articles, followed by the United Kingdom (26) and Italy (22). France ranks 5th (19 articles) after Germany (20).


Still according to DMR group, of all the media in the world, Vogue magazine provided the highest exposure value. Over the period under review, this American title published 21 posts on social platforms about the event. This resulted in a Commitment of over 542,000 interactions and a Reach of over 29 million people, equivalent to approximately 948,000 euros from the EMV. Vogue magazine also generated the post with the highest Reach through a media account. This post was shared on 6 July and reached a potential audience of more than 5.7 million people.


Click here to download the full study.


In the second part of your article, you will find our analysis of the tools used by luxury brands to extract value from their media exposure during Fashion Week. Coming soon on Luxus+.





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