Paris. Digital Luxe Meeting 2019 : Panel Discussion about new technologies for customer experience

The panel discussion about new technologies for customer experience will be held on October 8 during the 5th edition of the Digital Luxe Meeting Paris. Claire Domergue, Director of Publication of Luxus Plus, will present her latest survey published in Les Cahiers du Luxe and will lead a debate with the participation of Camille Bourdin, Marketing Director at De Rigueur Lab.

By Luxus Plus


For 95% of companies, customer experience is now a strategic priority.

In order to better analyse the new issues and challenges facing luxury companies, Claire Domergue will discuss innovations and start-ups that are revolutionising the customer experience. To organize this meeting, she will be accompanied by Camille Bourgin, marketing director at De Rigueur Lab. Camille Bourgin is a marketing and communication professional in the new technologies and fashion sectors. She is experienced in digital marketing and public relations and works with luxury and fashion companies such as Lacoste, Lancel and Louboutin.

A few years ago, the customer experience was totally neglected by brands, now it has become the alpha and omega of the company’s business with a commercial focus, both in B2B and B2C.

To meet this challenge, companies can rely on various levers, including customer knowledge, which thanks to data (data management, collection and cross-referencing has never been so simple) makes it possible to anticipate and develop a sophisticated experience, compatible with customer behaviour and wishes.

Luxury brands, characterized by their propensity to offer exceptional customer service, are highly demanding of technologies that allow them to offer a highly personalized, natural and multi-channel customer experience.

A good customer relationship in luxury in 2019 is finally an emotional relationship, one of listening, commitment, mutual trust, and one that surprises.

Focus on innovations and start-ups that are revolutionizing the customer experience, and that could help you establish this emotional relationship.

Practical information

The conference “New technologies for customer experience” will be held at 10am during the 5th edition of the Digital Luxe Meeting, “the first private congress on luxury executives” which will take place on 8 October 2019 in Paris.

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The editorial team
The editorial team
Thanks to its extensive knowledge of these sectors, the Luxus + editorial team deciphers for its readers the main economic and technological stakes in fashion, watchmaking, jewelry, gastronomy, perfumes and cosmetics, hotels, and prestigious real estate.

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