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Maserati confirms the launch of its SUV in 2021

Maserati confirms the launch of its SUV in 2021

Maserati will launch a “small” SUV next year, just after its new sports car and before the replacement model for the Gran Turismo.

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Maserati has strongly developed its range of vehicles in recent years with the arrival of the Ghibli saloon, rival to the Mercedes E-Class and other BMW 5 Series cars. But it is above all with the Levante that the trident brand was hoping to increase its sales rates significantly.


However, things didn’t go as planned for Maserati. As with Alfa Romeo, the development of the range was not followed by the expected number of orders. Fortunately, the Italian brand is far from having said its last word.


Indeed, the car manufacturer is preparing other important innovations. Starting next year, he will launch a radical new sports car taking over the Alfa Romeo 4C’s carbon fiber chassis. But it is in 2021 that the range will be reinforced by the most awaited model: a new SUV positioned below the Levante, designed to be the direct competitor of the Porsche Macan SUV.


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This model should be based on a modified Alfa Romeo Stelvio platform and will undoubtedly benefit from a much more luxurious definition. Also in 2021, Maserati will launch the convertible version of its brand new sports car. As well as the replacement for its GT 2+2, the Gran Turismo, which disappeared from the catalog several months ago.


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