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Maria Grazia Chiuri: What is “Dior talks”, her new podcast worth?

Maria Grazia Chiuri: What is “Dior talks”, her new podcast worth?

From fashion show decorations to committed collections, Italian designer Maria Grazia Chiuri has been a fervent spokesperson for the feminist cause since her arrival at Dior in 2016. In 2020, she is illustrating once again her commitments by signing a series of podcasts on feminism and its various articulations in history.



Upon her arrival at the head of Dior’s artistic direction in July 2016, Maria Grazia Chiuri quickly became one of the most committed designers of her generation. Indeed, the Italian designer has never ceased to give women a voice in a multitude of ways, particularly during “committed” fashion shows, as was still the case on February 25 during the Dior autumn-winter 2020 fashion show in Paris, where the pages of the newspaper “Le Monde” evoking feminist struggles and slogans such as “When Women Strike, The World Stops” were covering the podium and the ceiling.


On March 8, International Women’s Rights Day, Maria Grazia Chiuri unveiled a major project: the release of her own audio program, called “Dior Talks”. Thirty-minute podcasts in which she dissects the issue of feminism in the form of ordinary conversations with artists, collaborators and friends. The aim: to express herself on the role of art in the major stages of feminism.


And for the first episode, available on podcast platforms and on the Dior website, Maria Grazia Chiuri gave free rein to Judy Chicago, American feminist artist and author. Both speak about their backgrounds, their inspirations, their works, their relationship to clothing and how they have incorporated feminism into their creative process.


Other guests include Tomaso Binga and Mickalene Thomas, who have collaborated with Maria Grazia Chiuri on her various fashion shows, as well as Paola Ugolini, curator and faithful friend of the Italian designer, and British artist Tracey Emin. Around the question of feminism and art, all these voices are intertwined in favour of one commitment, that of redefining in the 21st century the essential role of clothing in the representation of gender in society, in order to emancipate from shackles and stereotypes.


Carried by Maria Grazia, a designer who became a storyteller for the time of a podcast, these exclusive conversations emphasize the unfailing support of artists and art for women and feminism, to simply “tell women that they are free“, as the artistic director of the French luxury label likes to point out.

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