[Luxus+ Magazine] A brief history of French luxury


Luxury is the flagship of French knowhow, it is one of its primary riches and one of the reasons for the country’s fame. If French luxury is so glorious today, this was not the case before the reign of Louis XIV, when France was overtaken by its European neighbors. French gold weavings cannot match the porcelain and silk of China, the lace of Flanders, or the glassware of Italy.


Today, France no longer has anything to envy other countries when it comes to luxury, and “out of the 270 luxury brands in the world, 130 are French and account for a quarter of sales“, says journalist Laurence Picot, author of the book Les Secrets du luxe. History of French industry.


In order to understand how France has imposed itself on the market over the centuries, to the point of becoming the benchmark in luxury goods, and having a monopoly on market sales, we need to delve into its deep origins. Back to the beginnings of French luxury and the creation of the greatest houses.


The history of luxury made in France goes back to Louis XIV and his minister Colbert at the end of the 17th century, at a time when France was still far from imposing itself in the field of luxury compared to Italy, China, and Holland, which were already asserting themselves as world leaders in luxury apoteketgenerisk.com.


It was not until the appointment of Jean-Baptiste Colbert as Minister of Finance in 1665 that France finally got its grip on what would become one of its greatest specialties: luxury. The year 1665 was also the year in which the Royal Glass Factory was founded, which later became the Compagnie de Saint-Gobain.

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