Luxury watchmaking: Semper & Adhuc, a sustainable recovery brand

Created by Colin de Tonnac in 2016, Semper & Adhuc, from the Latin “from all time” and “until now”, is a brand of simple watches with a minimalist design. They are unique in that they respect the environment, since most of the pieces are made in France and owe their existence to the recovery of old restored mechanical calibres from Switzerland or France. On Tuesday 4 May, the workshop is putting on sale a limited edition of 20 pieces of its “Instantanée”.


“Wearing a Semper & Adhuc watch means leaving the frantic race of the world behind and relying on one’s wrist, on the history that it bears, and that we suggest you continue to write, in a personal and assertive dynamic, day after day,” says Colin de Tonnac.


Indeed, the watchmaking industry is abandoning a multitude of orphaned mechanisms, without cases or bracelets, perfectly functional but forgotten.


The workshop of Colin de Tonnac, a graduate of the Edgar Faure high school in Morteau, has rediscovered and upgraded these forgotten products by offering them new dressings.


“By choosing them as the basis for our creations, we are contributing to responsible and sustainable consumption, which gives pride of place to the beauty and originality of the product, outside of market standards,” confides Colin de Tonnac, a former technician at Patek Philippe.


Once restored, the watchmaker dresses them in a new 37 mm steel case available in three shapes: round, cushion or oval. Each customer also has the choice of orienting the crown to the left or to the right, as well as customising the watch as they wish (choice of dial marking, colour of the hands, personalised engraving, choice of strap, etc.). )


“These movements were often derived from cast iron, and were stripped when the owners wanted to recover the precious materials of the case to create a new piece of jewellery or to get monetary value from it,” explains the watchmaker.


Supported by the Regional Council, the Semper & Adhuc brand, now located in Labouheyres, now has almost all the parts required for its production made in France. The crowns, cases, dials, hands, bracelets, mirrors and cases are manufactured near Bergerac by VCN Industries, a company specialising in high precision mechanics.


At present, Semper & Adhuc markets 3 watch models: the immediate, the unexpected and the instantaneous, which are themselves available in “classic” and “original” versions.


The brand will market a limited edition of 20 pieces, priced at 2,400 euros, starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4, this time incorporating the R100 movement from the Bisontine brand Lip, manufactured from 1958 to 1970.



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