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Luxury : does influence marketing still have a place in times of crisis ?

Luxury : does influence marketing still have a place in times of crisis ?

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For a decade, the big names in fashion and luxury have been relying on innovative influencer campaigns rather than traditional advertising campaigns. The objective is to convey the image of a more authentic and transparent luxury through the voice of digital influencers who operate on democratic ground: social networks. But the upheaval of the fashion and luxury industry, which is a corollary of the coronavirus crisis, has changed the languages of this influence marketing. How are the big houses reinventing their communications in times of crisis? Analysis.


Anyone can become a media “: influencers, the eldorado of the big houses.


The digital strategy of the big names in fashion and luxury no longer seems feasible today without the mediation of the influencer, a central figure in 2.0 marketing and an alternative to the classic model.


First of all, influencers are an excellent way to add a new dimension to the communication of the big luxury houses, by showcasing the products in their daily lives: “Today, customers are seduced by a fashion show: they will see the product on Jennifer Lawrence for our advertising campaign, but they will also be able to see how the bag will be worn in a more informal context, following a web star like Chiara Ferragni, who will put it in her everyday life via her Instagram posts. “says Gary Pinagot, Director of Social Networks and e-Reputation for Christian Dior Couture.



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