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IFG Luxury Attitude conference over relationships between Luxury and Retail

IFG Luxury Attitude conference over relationships between Luxury and Retail

On the 27th of September, a new conference organised by the IFG Luxury Attitude will be held at Quai de Grenelle, in Paris. The aim of this panel is to discuss about the strong relationships between luxury and retail.

September 20, 2018 | Agenda
Photo: Tanja Valvic – IFG Luxury Attitude

« Differences between Luxury & Retail… How can we take advantages from the luxury standards in the non-luxury sectors ? » : here is the topic of the next conference organised by IFG Executive Education on September 27, 2018 at 6.30 pm.

Among the prestigiuous guests expected to discuss about the relation between luxury and retail: Viviane Lipskier, global brand strategist and author of Digitally Native Vertical Brands. But also, Joël Plat, Market Leader Apple Retail, Julier El Ghouzzi, director at the Centre du Luxe and Gabriel Beckher, co-fonder of IWD, Retail Thinking. The conference will be moderated by Tanja Valcic, director of IFG Luxury Attitude.

This event is also an occasion to introduce their new D.U.Luxe: « Managing a business unit in luxury » which is starting on November 23, 2018.  The training will permit to understand the different matters regarding luxury, retail and fashion.

The main objective of this programm is to help managers and futur managers in the ownership of their department, stores and distribution points.

The training will actually give the participants all the tools needed to learn more about the new challenges related to the transformation of luxury business unit: digital, omnichannel, robotization, Artificial Intelligence and automation.

Photo: IFG Luxury Attitude

It is adressed to all professionnals willing to work in the luxury industry, but also the managers who want to integrate the key success factors of business units. There are also concerned those who want to broaden their margins and improve their stocks and people management. The goal is to help them becoming a leader and a referent for their customers and teams.

The training is both multi-tasking and flexible with a lot of classes given by professionals. It is leading to national and international career perspective.

L’IFG Executive Education, created in 1956 and is related to the INSEEC U since 2016. It offers a wide range of classes in the hotel industry, but also in gastronomy, wine and spirits, retail and fashion. It delivers an internationally recognised certificate. The IFG Luxury Attitude is the consulting group of the IFG Executive Education and presents professional, pragmatic and flexible formations . They are leaders in the transformation and the developement of prestigious palaces and luxury Houses since 1997.


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September 27Th 2018 at 6.30 pm

43 Quai de Grenelle, Paris

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