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Hyatt brings out an exotic concept: the long-stay package

Hyatt brings out an exotic concept: the long-stay package

At the dawn of an economic and tourism recovery, and after a year of health crisis, Hyatt Hotels launched its concept called “The Great Relocate”, which offers its customers a long-stay package in one of its hotels for a minimum of 29 days. 


The offer, reserved for World of Hyatt members (whose stays may contribute to achieving VIP member status), is valid at all Hyatt hotels in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia until December 31, 2021, subject to reservation by December 3.


It will soon be a year since the world stopped turning, preventing its inhabitants from enjoying the leisure activities and outings they so much appreciated, such as travel, tourism, vacations abroad, etc. After living at home for most of the year, people are more than ever asking to be away from home and travel abroad.


It is therefore the ideal moment for the chain to offer its customers the possibility of immersing themselves in a country other than their own, while at the same time offering themselves the most satisfactory comfort for a long period of time.


“We know that there is a strong desire among consumers to travel this year, after many projects were put on the back burner in 2020,” says Geneviève Materne, senior vice president of commercial services for Europe, the Middle East and South-West Asia. “The pandemic has been a major catalyst in the growing trend towards ‘working from anywhere’ and we know that it has accelerated important changes in the way we live, work and play. This is why we have created The Great Relocate” .


With spacious rooms and suites, refreshing swimming pools, bi-weekly maid service, private workspaces, free access to the gym, high-speed internet and a computer concierge on hand, guests will find services they have been dreaming of for a year and will be able to make up for lost time for at least a month.


By offering long-term stays, the brand manages to combine all the wishes of its customers: the possibility for professionals to work remotely while discovering the rest of the world. Indeed, since the beginning of the pandemic, new working patterns have emerged: teleworking has experienced unprecedented growth and its adoption is likely to be more than just temporary. It has also been proven that many people can work effectively from different postcodes and time zones.


What could be better than home-cooked meals already prepared and a room facing the pool to promote productivity at work?


“This is the perfect offer for all Digital Nomads and for those who define luxury as not being tied to one place. We make a long stay in one of our hotels more affordable than ever, for an amount similar to what you would pay for an average rent in the city centre. We look forward to welcoming our guests, whether they wish to settle down on their own, bring their partner, family or even their pet”. continued the Vice President.

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Beyond the proposal of this concept, the Hyatt brand is also pursuing its growth and its resistance to the pandemic, since the group recently opened 5 hotels in China, announced the opening of three hotels in Sweden, and is now targeting Estonia. The company is therefore not giving up hope in the face of the crisis, it is counting on the considerable demand for travel after the pandemic, and rightly so.


After this crisis, customers will rush to travel and accommodation sites, they will want a change of scenery and comfort, but also to get out of the routine. They will surely want to do things they might not normally do and experience something out of the ordinary. Indeed, the confinement and lack of social life and outings has led to many phenomena of self-questioning and concentration on oneself. Habits and desires will therefore not be the same as before the crisis. Hyatt’s new and unusual offer could well be a considerable success.




Photo à la Une : © Hyatt

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