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Good fortune: when Switzerland attracts French money

Good fortune: when Switzerland attracts French money

Bilan magazine has just published its traditional annual ranking of the 300 richest people in Switzerland. On the list of winners: 54 ultra-rich French people. The figure remained stable, but their wealth jumped by 13.5%.

By Hélène
picture: Alain Wertheimer (Chanel)

Among the 300 richest people in Switzerland, 54 are French and live there. This number did not change but their fortune increased.

This ranking includes individuals or families with net assets of at least 100 million Swiss francs (88 million euros).

Their total assets, estimated at 92.3 billion Swiss francs (82.2 billion euros), jumped 13.5% in one year. In its hit parade of the ultra-rich swiss people, Bilan magazine particularly focused on the French. First of all, the largest number of foreigners prefer the tranquility of the Alps and lakes, and secondarily advantageous tax packages. 

The ultra-rich French in Switzerland see their wealth increase

The ranking of the richest French people in Switzerland has changed slightly, but with the same players. Largely in the lead, Gérard Wertheimer (Chanel), based in Geneva, saw his savings jump by 6.3 billion in a single year. It is the third richest in Switzerland, with an estimated wealth of between 16 and 17 billion euros. Gérard Wertheimer thus overtook the Castel family, which moved up to second place. The assets of this group active in wine sector are estimated between 13 and 14 billion Swiss francs. Finally, third place is still held by Patrick Drahi, a French-Israeli tycoon and president of the Altice telecoms and media group with an estimated fortune between 6 and 7 billion Swiss francs.

The magazine also announced the arrival of two new ones this year. The first is Alain Boucheron, great-grandson of the founder of the famous luxury house on Place Vendôme in Paris. His assets are valued between 300 and 400 million Swiss francs. Then there is the Capelli family, with an estimated fortune of between 100 and 200 million Swiss francs. The French group Capelli has been known for more than 40 years in the design of living spaces. For the past 10 years, he has focused on real estate development. They have just announced a new real estate project of about fifty apartments in the vicinity of Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

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The attractiveness of real estate in Switzerland

Switzerland is known to offer many tax advantages to the wealthy. But not only that. According to Le Parisien, Switzerland is also one of the most attractive countries for luxury real estate, particularly because of the political and economic stability.

There are many foreign buyers who are interested in Switzerland to buy a new second home. Experts estimate that more than 30,000 new buyers can be expected to arrive in the next two years. Similarly, French expatriates often consider this destination and may also seek to position themselves in this sector. The Swiss population is expected to grow by almost 1%, a fact that will only encourage demand for housing. Moreover, the increase in purchasing power and the improvement in customer sentiment are facts that will only strengthen the real estate market.

By Hélène
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