Gainerie 91 announces the results of its design competition

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The Gainerie 91 group has just unveiled the results of the 7th edition of its design competition. Among the candidates, still students, 4 winners were rewarded by the jury and the public.


As every year, Gainerie 91, the market leader in jewellery, watches, cosmetics, wines and spirits in the manufacture of cases and displays, gives students the chance to propose innovative projects highlighting their creativity during its design competition.


Project Silo © Gainerie 91


For this 2020 edition, the theme was “sustainable luxury”, the participants aimed to make luxury packaging from responsible and ecological materials. A way to raise awareness of the crucial issue of the luxury sector today and to be able to answer “YES” to the question “are luxury and sustainable development compatible?


The first prize went to the project “Silo”, a sustainable showcase created by the duo Céline Vanlaer and Antoine Brachet from the National higher school of applied art and craftst in Paris : “Silo keeps skin care products and their cosmetic qualities cool. Contents and container have an extended shelf life, without energy consumption, thanks to an ancestral technique from the desert. Silo’s ritual is an intimate return to the earth”.


“Like rock water” was subsequently awarded second prize in the competition and it was  Jeanne Guiraut, from the National higher school of applied art and textile in Roubaix, who presented an equally innovative project involving a case made up of a fabric pouch. The pouch contained two blocks of scented soaps surrounding the perfume : “The customer will be able to extract his perfume and put the soaps back in their pouch to be used as such, and prolong the experience with his favourite fragrance”.


Project Like rock water © Gainerie 91


The 3rd prize is awarded to the project “The little papers” by Nicolas Bruneton from the higher Institut of colour image and design in Montauban. This project offers us an astonishing but excellent association of playfulness with the art of perfumery. The packaging is made in such a way that the composition of the perfume is discovered through a set of 12 notes in consumable perfumed papers.


Project The little papers © Gainerie 91


Last but not least, it was the project “Suggestion usufruct” that attracted the attention and charmed the public. Quentin Lindner, from the Higher school of design of the Landes in Mont-de-Marsan, was able to collect the best score, weighted with the highest number of votes, allowing him to establish himself as the big winner of the Public Prize. His project thus brings together elegance and magnificence celebrating the work of art that is perfume 


Project Suggestion Usufruct © Gainerie 91


The winners each received a trophy specially created by the bright black studio  and presented in boxes wrapped in vegetal leather created by the group itself: a stainless steel designer pen accompanied by a machined oak stand. This pen is available in 4 versions: gold, silver, bronze and rose gold.




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