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French businessman Pierre Denis steps down as ceo of Jimmy Choo after 8 years

French businessman Pierre Denis steps down as ceo of Jimmy Choo after 8 years

Pierre Denis has been at the head of the English shoe manufacturer Jimmy Choo since 2012.

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Thanks to him, the brand has continued to make significant progress: IPO in 2014, conquest of the Asian market with the opening in five years of around fifty stores in China, Hong Kong and Japan, and diversification of the offer in bags, eyewear and perfume.


John Idol, Chairman and CEO of Capri Holdings – Jimmy Choo’s parent company since 2017 – is full of praise: “Pierre has been an outstanding leader, delivering consistent and solid performance and driving the growth of the brand […] I would like to express my thanks and best wishes to him as he moves on to his next role,” without going into more detail about his future plans.


The CEO of the holding company stated that the company was “in excellent health” and was very optimistic for the future: “In the longer term, as we continue to execute our strategies, we are confident in our ability to generate several years of revenue and earnings growth,“reinforced by Jimmy Choo’s sales growth of 1.9% in the third quarter of 2019, reaching $165 million.


Capri Holdings is already looking for a new CEO to take over from the King of Stiletto, a sensitive succession that comes in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, while Capri Holding already forecasts a decline in profits in the coming months.

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