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France : Why the government reshuffle could impact the mission of the Chairman of the Sector Strategy Committee of Fashion and Luxury Goods

France : Why the government reshuffle could impact the mission of the Chairman of the Sector Strategy Committee of Fashion and Luxury Goods

On June 9, the “Mode & Luxe” Strategic Sector Committee (CSF) met to inaugurate a mission for the development of a sustainable French textile sector led by the president of the CSF “Fashion & Luxury” Guillaume de Seynes. The proclamation of the Castex Government on Monday, reshuffles the cards within the various ministries. The changes of interlocutors for the CSF, impulse or obstruction to the aims of the “Fashion & Luxury” sector?


The health and economic crisis has hit the French industrial sectors hard, revealing dysfunctions and limits of the linear economic model as well as a strong dependence on imports for supplies.


In order to deal with these problems, Brune Poirson, then Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, then Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance, recently brought together the CSF in order to take stock of the recovery in activity and to draw up future prospects for the sector, anchored in a dynamic of sustainable development and the relocation of production.


Working for a virtuous and sustainable sector


A mission under the aegis of Guillaume de Seynes which consists in studying the methods of implementation, on our territories, of integrated, innovative and sustainable production models such as recycling, ecodesign, reincorporation of recycled materials.


To work for the relocation of activities for an innovative, sustainable production, generating quality products and jobs that cannot be relocated.


Put in place more virtuous mechanisms to enhance the visibility of sustainable enterprises in order to strengthen strategic independence in key production sectors.


“The crisis has highlighted the ability of this strategic sector to mobilize, adapt and innovate in more than one way for France. In the pursuit of the dynamics revealed by the “Savoir-faire Ensemble” group, it is up to us to capitalize on this collective energy and imagine new models, levers for sustainable relocation. Fashion is always reinventing itself. It is by making sure that it is sustainable, innovative and transparent that we will be able to strengthen our competitiveness, participate in industrial relocation and create jobs,” said Guillaume de Seynes.


Government reshuffle changes the deal for the CSF


Following the reshuffle of the government on the evening of Monday 6 July, the former Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the regular contact for the CSF “Fashion & Luxury” becomes Minister Delegate for Industry.


She had actively participated in the elaboration of Guillaume de Seynes’ mission. She had also worked with the CSF to ensure the project’s sustainability.


Change also at the Ministry of Culture. Franck Riester, who had also participated in the signing of the Strategic Contract for the Fashion and Luxury Goods Sector, alongside Bruno Le Maire in 2019 and supported various fashion brands, has been replaced by the former Minister of Health Roselyne Bachelot to take up the post of Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade.

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All these transitions are likely to slow down the development of a sustainable French textile industry. A time of adaptation and taming of the new players in charge of driving this mission which is emerging as a key issue for the “Fashion & Luxury” sector and more broadly for the French economy.


However, the upgrading of Agnès Pannier-Runacher’s position may also herald the development mo freedom to handle this for the CSF, and stimulates the actions led by Guillaume de Seynes.


The future of the “Fashion & Luxury” sector takes a new turn today, its history remains to be written.





Featured photo : Guillaume de Seynes © Pascal Guittet

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