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Fall/Winter 2020: Fashion trends that should make the buzz according to the Heuritech platform

Fall/Winter 2020: Fashion trends that should make the buzz according to the Heuritech platform

Heuritech, an artificial intelligence company applied to the fashion industry, collected millions of data on social networks during the Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020. Ambitious objective: to predict fashion trends for the coming months.


Since the French platform Heuritech decided in 2015 to apply its image analysis technology to the needs of major houses, the world of fashion and luxury as a whole has been revolutionized.


Heuritech proposes to analyze for major brands an infinite number of data collected on social networks – including hashtags and mentions – and then transform this data into real information, allowing these brands to forecast demand more accurately, to produce more eco-responsibly and to anticipate competition.


A cutting-edge technology at the service of the fashion industry which therefore, to predict the trends for the coming autumn, screened the “social media” throughout the Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Week which took place in Paris over several weeks between February 7 and March 3.


And based on the examination of a multitude of data, the technological firm Heuritech has identified the main trends of the coming months: more oversized clothes that play with measurements and volumes. And a fashion that frees itself from models, that allows itself to go backwards as well as to project into the future. A disproportionate fashion, almost out of control. Finally, a more expressive and thought-provoking mode.


Overview of the next autumn/winter trends for women, symbol of the different turning points that fashion will take.

Progressive fashion


Challenging traditional notions of gender is fashionable this year: more and more designers have adapted the classic men’s costume into women’s clothing, replacing pants with skirts and blazers with capes, or even revisiting the three-piece suit, which will be colourful and glamorous on the 2020 woman. This is the case for designers Chloé and Celine, who followed the trend of “jupe-culotte” at the last Paris Fashion Week, but also for Christian Dior, who made the feminist fight its favorite theme, with a fashion show which was eloquent proof of this, the decor being signed Judy Chicago, famous American feminist artist.


This feminization of clothing is the sign of a reversal of gender assumed in the fashion world but also of a certain ode to feminism, as shown by the soaring growth of the “apparent lingerie” trend.

Patterned fashion


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According to Heuritech, the print trend will be very much in vogue by autumn/winter 2020. Patterns will then be available at will: graphic, animal, checks, stripes, flowers, etc., to the delight of fashionistas. Prints that, for many of them, will also express a form of nostalgia for bygone eras, as will be the case with the rise of the scroll motif.


Fashion as a whole will testify to a form of nostalgia through multiple references to the history of France: from basket underwear to Marie-Antoinette wigs at Moshino, to Elizabethan Renaissance dresses at Alexander McQueen, not to mention historic cuts such as the train at Paco Rabanne, whose fashion show took place at the Conciergerie, a prison during the French Revolution.

Outrageous fashion


The importance of social networks for influencers and consumers has led many creators to opt for very catchy ensemble. The future fashion trends for autumn and winter 2020 will therefore include voluminous silhouettes that swing between spectacular sleeves at Balenciaga, vibrant colors at Giambattista Valli and extravagant feathers, fringe and latex at Saint Laurent and Balmain. Heuritech predictions that reveal an excessive, disproportionate, almost dramatic fashion. “Less is not always more” will be the fashion credo in the twilight of the year 2020.

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Featured photo: © 2020 Alexander McQueen Trading Limited

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