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E-commerce: Fosun Fashion Group partners with Baozun to tap into the Chinese luxury market

E-commerce: Fosun Fashion Group partners with Baozun to tap into the Chinese luxury market

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Baozun, the leading branded e-commerce services partner that helps brands execute their e-commerce strategies in China, has announced a strategic alliance with the massive Chinese conglomerate Fosun Fashion Group (FFG) – a subsidiary of Fosun International Limited – owner of Lanvin and the jewellery brand Djula. The goal? To take advantage of the growing demand for luxury brands in China.


As a reminder, FFG is a multi-disciplinary industry platform under the umbrella of Fosun International Limited, which focuses on in-depth operations and strategic investments in luxury fashion. It manages Fosun’s portfolio of luxury and fashion assets, while seeking to invest in international retail brands, and utilising the strong dynamics of the consumer market in China.


Under the terms of the Strategic Business Cooperation Agreement (“SBCA“), the collaboration will develop best practices to achieve the best results for FFG’s e-commerce brands in China, while exploring opportunities to introduce new brands to the Chinese market.


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Baozun, ranked No. 27 globally and No. 2 in China among fast-growing companies by Fortune, will thus be the preferred provider of one-stop e-commerce solutions for all brands in FFG’s portfolio, as well as FFG’s preferred partner in exploring new business models and solutions for branded e-commerce.



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Featured photo : © Baozun

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