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Chanel unveils plan for a greener future

Chanel unveils plan for a greener future

Sustainable development efforts in the fashion world are intensifying and Chanel is the last brand to make a long-term commitment to reduce waste and use renewable resources.

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Chanel in turn goes green. The French company is committed to a more sustainable future by reducing waste and using renewable resources.


In particular by having joined the “Fashion Pact” presented at the G7 last September by François-Henri Pinault at the request of President Emmanuel Macron.


The label has therefore decided to align itself with the objectives set by the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, which aims to limit average global warming to 1.5 ° Celsius.


It is through the publication of its report “Chanel Mission 1.5 °”, that the brand will detail its strategy to fight against climate change.


To achieve this, it has defined four fields of action: reducing its carbon footprint as well as that of its supply chain, switching to renewable electricity, balancing its residual carbon emissions and financing projects intended to accelerate the transition towards a world that generates less greenhouse gases.


Chanel firstly commits to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from all its activities by 2030, a reduction of 66% compared to 2018 and per product sold, and in the same time reduce emissions from its supply chain by 40% compared to 2018 and by product sold. “ This measure will notably involve sourcing which is always more responsible.


To achieve its objectives, the label intends to switch to “100% renewable electricity for all its own activities by 2025”, for example by providing these sites with solar panels.


The brand first wants to increase the share of renewable origin of its overall electricity consumption, from 41% in 2019 to 97% by 2021.


To achieve this Chanel tells us that she has “joined RE100, a network made up of influential companies that are committed to the use of renewable electricity”.


With regard to residual carbon emissions, the company undertakes to “decarbonize its own operations and its value chain” and to finance projects to offset its residual impact, “in particular by investing in environment preservation operations natural, such as reforestation projects, or the protection of mangroves and peatlands. “

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Finally, the fashion house will also finance projects to adapt to climate change “in order to help the most fragile communities to adapt to the consequences of climate change, the objective being to reduce the vulnerability of small farmers and entrepreneurs, while developing supply chains for resilient raw materials, both within and beyond our value chain. “


Note that as part of its ecological commitment, Chanel is organizing an exhibition in the Jardin des Plantes next March called “Beauty is cultivated”, an exhibition where the fashion house reveals the secrets of the composition of its beauty products.


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