Champagne : Project to bring together Nicolas Feuillatte and Castelnau

This week a project to merge between the Vinicole-Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte center (CV-CNF) and the regional cooperative for champagne wines (CRVC) was announced by each of the major structures. The grouping of their major brands such as Nicolas Feuillatte, Henri Abelé et Castelnau would provide a considerable international opening.


A crucial rapprochement is in the offing. Nicolas Feuillate represents the first union of champagne producers and alone brings together around 5,000 winegrowers. It clearly dominates the champagne and the region, since out of 140 cooperatives, it owns 84 out of about 2239 hectares, which is equivalent to about 56% of the contributions.


The Regional Cooperative of Champagne Wines was created in 1962 and now brings together 23 cooperatives with 750 individual winegrowers. The strength of the cooperative ? Its brand portfolio, or rather its emblematic brand : Champagne Castelnau. The CRVC and Champagne Castelnau are one and the same and have a 900-hectare vineyard.



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Featured photo: © Wine-growing Champagne


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The editorial team
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