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Cartier: new additions to the Clash collection

Cartier: new additions to the Clash collection

Following the April 2019 launch of its “Clash” collection, Cartier is now making a comeback with new pieces in white or white gold and turquoise amazonite colours.


The new pieces in the Clash collection will be available this month. The house of Cartier continues the rock-chic mix of the collection, with models in white and white gold. Coral beads have been replaced by amazonite.


With a collection entry price of 2060€ for a ring, the jeweler clearly aims to reach a younger clientele.



The bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings keep the characteristic pure lines, but new pins are appearing, especially on the earrings, confirming the originality of the collection.


But why Clash? “Notably because there is this duality between pointed and round shapes. But there is of course a notion of comfort,” explained Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Director of Image and Heritage.


This evocative name also represents a new chapter for the jeweler of excellence, combining pieces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are casual.



Playing the card of contrasts, this collection is nonetheless designed to be wearable every day.


Composed of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, these pieces, both strong and delicate, are very discreet in their gold version, and on the contrary more eccentric once adorned with diamonds, or in coral edition.


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Consisting of meshes, studs, balls and picots, the collection sums up the mastery and traditional know-how of the House of Cartier, all with a touch of audacity.


It should also be noted that these jewels, at once sharp, soft to the touch and mobile, have been elaborated from models and not from drawings.



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Featured photo: © Cartier

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