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Arianee X Emakina: a strategic partnership for a reinvented customer experience

Arianee X Emakina: a strategic partnership for a reinvented customer experience

Digital agency Emakina has announced a partnership with Arianee, a global specialist in digital NFT certification of luxury goods. They will share their know-how in terms of customer relations for Arianee and digital business expertise for Emakina.


“The leading luxury and fashion houses are those that have invested in the customer experience to offer high value-added services. By becoming a strategic partner of Arianee, we offer brands the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their customers by leveraging Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology” said Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina.


This partnership reinforces the common ambition of both companies to offer innovative solutions to enable luxury brands to upgrade their user experience while growing their business.


“We offer an open source, royalty-free, documented technology in an independent and cooperative consortium, in which brands participate,” Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee, told Siècle Digital. “In parallel, we offer a SaaS platform that allows companies to use this technology, and that their customers can simply take over.”


As major players in their respective markets, brands will now be able to integrate the Arianee solution in terms of certification within their ecosystem and meet customer expectations.


“Consumer habits have changed a lot and today the resale of products has completely entered the mainstream. So how can a brand know that its product is in the hands of someone who may never have been in a shop, and above all, how can it build a relationship with that person? This is exactly what Arianee is proposing, backed up by Emakina’s know-how in terms of user experience, service design and technological innovation,” explains Manuel Diaz. 


Emakina will provide its expertise in digital business, as well as its know-how to deploy the Arianee platform on a large scale.


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“We are delighted to welcome Emakina to the Arianee consortium. The agency offers innovative and comprehensive solutions that profoundly rethink the customer relationship. Their numerous successes in assisting brands in their digital transformation will undoubtedly benefit the brands and houses with which we already work,” said Pierre Nicolas Hurstel.


A good opportunity for both brands to benefit from the complementarity of their respective successes.




Featured Photo : © Arianee

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