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Alexander Mcqueen and Vestiaire Collective unveil their lasting collaboration

Alexander Mcqueen and Vestiaire Collective unveil their lasting collaboration

The English fashion and luxury goods house is teaming up with Vestiaire Collective around a circular fashion programme as part of “Brand Approved” sales.


This collaboration represents the launch of Vestiaire Collective’s new “Brand Approved” programme and allows  Alexander McQueen to increase its responsibility for the sustainability of luxury fashion.


Vestiaire Collective is a second-hand platform, so it has been offering second-hand luxury items for several years now. This year it is pushing its values with this new programme, which calls on the commitment of the biggest fashion houses.


“There is an urgent need to tackle the way we currently produce and consume fashion. Vestiaire Collective’s “Brand Approved” programme offers a sustainable solution, reinforcing the importance of sustainability, while empowering fashion players to disrupt their linear business models and embrace circularity first-hand. We are very excited to launch this new service in collaboration with the prestigious Alexander McQueen fashion house, with a common mission to anchor circularity at the heart of the fashion ecosystem,” said Fanny Moizant, co-founder and president of Vestiaire Collective.


Customers will be able to access the brand’s clothing on the platform from 16 February. The clothing will be accessible there after a simple process:


A selected group of loyal customers will be contacted by a sales representative of Alexander McQueen. All pieces that customers wish to sell will be evaluated and, if eligible, a buy-back price will be awarded. Once the pieces have been received and authenticated by Alexander McQueen, the customer will receive a credit note with which they can immediately purchase new items at specific Alexander McQueen shops.


Once processed by Vestiaire Collective, the coins will bear an external NFC label allowing potential new buyers to access information confirming the authenticity of the coin. The pieces will be available for purchase on a dedicated “Brand Approved” page on the application and the Vestiaire Collective website.


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“Alexander McQueen is committed to rethinking its collections and business model in line with circular practices. We are proud to be the first House to collaborate with Vestiaire Collective on its Brand Approved programme. We are thus offering a new life to exceptional pieces. We are convinced that our customers will be delighted to participate in this initiative. This project is a real alternative to our current model and offers new and sustainable perspectives for the future. We hope that many Houses will follow our example. To have a significant impact, we need to act collectively,” says Emmanuel Gintzburger CEO of Alexander McQueen.


The brand is becoming increasingly prominent in the aftermarket, as are Stella McCartney, Burberry and Gucci, who have teamed up with a competitor, The Real Real website in the United States, with pages dedicated to their pieces.




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