A virtual Gucci bag sold for more than its physical version

The digital version of Gucci’s Dionysus Supreme Canvas Embroidered Queen Bee bag sold for over $4,000 on the online game Roblox.


Gucci recently unveiled its groundbreaking partnership with the hit online free-to-play game Roblox, available until May 31, during its exhibition at Gucci Garden in Florence, Archetypes. The collaboration was a resounding success and one of its exclusive items was sold for more than the original price of its physical version.



In fact, according to information reported by the American media dedicated to video games, Polygon, the Dionysus Supreme Canvas Embroidered Queen Bee bag by Gucci was sold for 4,115 dollars. An exorbitant price considering the price of its physical version, sold for 3,400 dollars.


While the launch price was 6 dollars (475 Robux in the game’s virtual currency), the bidding quickly escalated to 350,000 Robux. This phenomenon is not uncommon in the video game industry and some players are willing to spend a fortune to acquire these exclusive luxury items.



For Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the community platform Reddit and web specialist, this sale price is even more astonishing since it is a simple digital good, without any real value, unlike an NFT. He reminds us that the bag “has, therefore, no value/use/transferability outside the Roblox world“.



However, the hype quickly died down, and it is now possible to buy the digital version of the Italian label‘s Dionysus Supreme Canvas Embroidered Queen Bee bag on the online platform Roblox for $800.




Featured photo : © Gucci


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The editorial team
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