3rd confinement: the Chambers of Commerce and Industry call for a plan to revive trade

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Following the announcement of third confinement, this time regionalized, by Prime Minister Jean Castex, several organizations including the CCI ask for the implementation of a plan to revive trade. They are alerted to the distress of merchants and plead for a reopening of stores.


The companies of Ile-de-France are once again in serious difficulty since the government’s announcements and the implementation of a regionalized containment in 16 French departments last Thursday. The shopkeepers of these regions express their concerns while the situation deteriorates even more for those for whom: “The incomprehension is strong“.


Indeed, the French merchants have to face many hardships since the beginning of the health crisis, such as the absence of an international clientele due to travel restrictions, closures related to confinements and curfews, the postponement of sales, or the consequences of the rise of protest movements in recent years.


The chambers of commerce and industry (CCI) and the association of federations of traders (CdCF) said in a statement: “CCI France and the Council of Commerce of France (CdCF) recommend to the government to authorize the opening of all shops in areas affected by the new closure measures“.


According to the organizations, “the first feedback from the field, show that the incomprehension is strong, especially among professionals in the textile/clothing, footwear, jewelry, toy stores” and alert on “these measures that further weaken these sectors whose professionals have shown great responsibility in recent months to welcome their customers safely and accelerate their digital transformation”.


The various players have constantly had to adapt to the many restrictions that have been weighing on them for over a year now, and despite the acceleration of the shift to digital, the implementation of click-and-collect points and home deliveries, companies are struggling to get their heads above water.


The risks of seeing merchants throw in the towel and close the curtain are strong,” said the various organizations. The president of the CdCF, William Koeberlé, adds that “it is now 90,000 small and large businesses that are closed and who absolutely do not understand why they are the only ones to be confined“.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France requires a specific recovery plan for Ile-de-France, which represents nearly 30% of the national GDP. “Our teams are more than ever mobilized with merchants and businesses. Supporting the economic world today is to ensure the resumption of growth tomorrow: we need a plan specific to the Ile-de-France,” says its president, Didier Kling,




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