Book release : Dior celebrates the late peter lindbergh

Dior has just unveiled its all-new book in collaboration with the famous German photographer Peter Lindbergh, who passed away last September.


By Luxus Plus



This book features, in the heart of New York, the precious archives of Dior, recounting 70 years of the history of fashion. So much hoped for by the photographer, this collaboration was one of his last dreams.


Dior celebrates his greatest photographer in this two-volume book, which retraces Lindbergh’s heritage through the company’s most emblematic creations. Faithful to the house for thirty years, Lindbergh has created the house’s brightest advertising campaigns such as Lady Dior or J’adior.


Peter Lindbergh is one of the most appreciated and sought-after photographers in the fashion world. He has worked for various magazines such as Vogue and Marie-Claire and has photographed many celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Marion Cotillard, Sophie Marceau and Monica Belluci.


“Before I even grab my camera, there must always be a real exchange between me and the person in front of the camera. That’s when something can happen, and that’s what you photograph, rather than the person themselves,” Peter Lindbergh told Vogue Paris in an interview in 2016.


The book is now available for sale on the publisher Taschen’s website for $200.






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