Paris : “Métamorphose” exhibition to be held at Not a Gallery from September 13 to October 19, 2019

“Metamorphose”, Not a Gallery (NAG) concept store’s next exhibition, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, will take place from September 13 to October 19, 2019.

By Luxus Plus

Not a Gallery is a concept store created by Natacha Dassault in 2016 which aims to organize each quarter exhibitions where the works of artists are arranged “As at home“, as there are staged with a selection of decorative accessories and furniture design.

In addition, in these recreated setting ranging from living room such as saloon or little boudoir to the craftsman’s studio, everything is for sale: paintings, sculptures, photographs, but also exposed furniture such as armchairs, dressers or crafted objects.

For its 13th exhibition entitled “Métamorphose“, NAG brings together a selection of artists with the same question: in what does the notion of metamorphosis question representation?

Artists from different fields will be present: ceramics with Janeth Cousin and Nadja La Ganza, sculpture with Sophie Bocher, painting with Maurice Drouard, and photography with Vincent Robert.

The husband of the founder and sponsor of NAG, in addition to his duties as a businessman and politician, Olivier Dassault, who also practices photography, will exhibit a selection of his works.

Practical information

The exhibition “Métamorphose” will take place from September 13 to October 17, 2019 in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, at 104 avenue Raymond Poincaré.

The exhibition space will be open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday by appointment


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