Luxury Real Estate: Why Are Prices Rising?

Brexit did some damages, including, the unespected increase of the luxury real estate market in Paris. The prices could go up to 25.000 euros per m2 in Le Marais for example. A journalist from BFM-TV, Guillaume Sommerer, welcomed Thibault de Saint Vincent, Barnes president, on the 18 of October to explain the evolution of trends in the Luxury Real Estate market.

Luxus TV


The real estate market continues to grow. Indeed, the month of September was marked by a huge interest in luxury real estate acquisitions. For Barnes society, the sales of luxury real estates has grown over 800 000 euros this year, with 140 000 for the month of October, whereas it was 80 000 in parisian region at the same period last year.

How can we explain this growing interest for high end in real estate in Paris? Thibault de Saint Vincent, Barnes president, comes to explain this phenomenon in “Integral Placements” broadcasted on the 18th of October, presented by Guillaume Sommerer and Cedric Decor, on BFM Business.



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