The first Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit arrives in Paris

“Cross-Channel Brand Management and Digital Transformation At The Heart Of Marketing Effectiveness” is the topic of the first edition of the Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit that will be held on June 27th at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

By Luxus Plus

Organized by Luxus Plus, in partnership with CCI and Adetem, the conference will bring together experts and professionals from the luxury, retail, marketing, digital and innovation industries from all over the world.

Desire is not well suited to routine,” exclaims Laurent Moisson in Luxury and Digital, since it is true that the world of luxury, whatever the sector, from fashion to wine, jewellery, leather goods or hotels, is based on innovation.

The Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit is conceived as the only event during which the leaders of renowned companies such as Maison Margiela, ST Dupont, Barnes International, among others, will share their experience and vision of the current state of innovation in luxury marketing. Indeed, since the digital advent, innovation no longer only concerns the product but also (and mainly) communication and marketing strategies. It has also had a disruptive effect on the approach and implementation of the customer experience through the introduction of augmented and virtual reality, big data and/or artificial intelligence, among others.

Objective? Improve human creativity, strengthen customer loyalty through emotional engagement and build a sustainable business model in an era of increasingly demanding consumer sovereignty.

A half-day session of debates, fire-side chats and keynotes will be followed by a networking cocktail■


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27th June, 2019, 8.30 am – 2 pm

Location :

The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Paris Île-de-France)
Salle de Bal
2, place de la Bourse
75,002 Paris

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A half-day session of debates, fire-side chats and keynotes


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